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You can choose to have Arabian1.Com produce your web site and place it on our server within the appropriate category on Arabian1.Com. You will have priority placement with highlighted descriptive information or we can set you up with you own custom domain, i.e and link it to Arabian1.Com with priority placement and descriptive information.

For weekly traffic statistics on Arabian1.Com's web site check out our page!

Prices vary depending upon the amount of design and storage required. Typically, web site design runs $100 per page (8.5x11) for the first five pages and $80 per page thereafter. Pages can consist of text and photos as well as forms with your own e-mail link. Space on our server costs $100 per year per megabyte or $400 per year per 10 megabytes. The average farm web site costs about $500!!!

We do not charge a mandatory annual maintenance fee that on many arab pages costs more than the page itself!!!

The cost to produce a single homepage including an Arabian1.Com link to your photo and text with your farm logo and e-mail link is only $150! E-mail your request or call the Arabian1.Com at 330/483-4381.

To Sponsor a page on Arabian1.Com including your banner ad at the top of the page you select linked to your home page along with 25 words of descriptive text the cost is $30 per month (minimum 3 months). E-mail your request or call Arabian1.Com at 330/483-4381

To run a business card ad (one page with farm or company logo and 200 words of searchable text) with an Arabian1.Com link the cost is $60 for 3 months. E-mail your request or call Arabian1.Com at 330/483-4381

To place a classified ad the cost is $30 for 3 months for up to 50 searchable words and $2 per month for each additional 25 words Press Here to submit your ad or call Arabian1.Com at 330/483-4381!!!

To add a hyperlink within the appropriate Arabian1.Com category to your existing home page the cost is either $50 for the year for commercial pages or FREE with a reciprocal link at the discretion of the webmaster for horse farms. To submit your link for placement on Arabian1.Com go to Feedback or call Arabian1.Com at 330/483-4381.

To Place an ad on the pages the cost is $100 for a single page with a hyperlink on the appropriate (IAHA or NSH) list. This includes hyperlinks back to your home page. Discounts are available for multiple pages.

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